What is Tepeo ZEB


The Tepeo ZEB is one of the latest zero-emission boilers on the market. Every aspect of our existence is becoming greener as more emphasis is placed on the importance of preserving the environment. Heating our homes is no exception, and the Tepeo ZEB is here to make the future of heating clean, green, and affordable.

Electric Boiler vs Heat Pump

The vast majority of homes heat their space using a gas or oil boiler, which creates considerable amounts of local pollution and carbon emissions. As a result, the Tepeo ZEB has come along to revolutionise the way we heat our homes via their electric boiler solution.

How Does the Tepeo Zero Emission Boiler Work?

The Tepeo ZEB is powered by electricity and works like a battery to store energy as heat until it’s needed. A “core” inside the ZEB is charged by electric heating elements, allowing for the storage of plenty of energy while making a small footprint. Heat is then released to your water tank, underfloor heating, and radiators when it’s needed via a patented heat-management system.

How Does Smart Charging Work for the Tepeo Zero Emissions Boiler?

Machine learning is used to calculate when and how much to charge throughout the day, eradicating the hassle of low-carbon heating. First and foremost, the ZEB learns how much heat is required for your home and predicts what’s needed for the day ahead via local weather forecasts. Following this, the predicted heat demand, grid carbon intensity, and tariff pricing allow the ZEB to determine how much to charge and when to do it. As the day unfolds, the level of charge is consistently checked and recalculated when necessary. Last but not least, you’re always in control, as the Tepeo app allows you to adjust or set how the ZEB should charge, and you can boost it manually, too.

Is the Tepeo Combi Boiler Right for Your Home?

While the Tepeo ZEB is a great low-carbon heating solution, it’s not necessarily suited for every home. The following criteria can help you determine whether it’s right for your home:

  • Your home uses between 3,000 and 12,000 kWh of energy for heating and hot water.
  • You have a “wet” heating system (underfloor heating or radiators) and a hot water tank.
  • You have space for the ZEB on an accessible, solid, and level surface.

What is the Tepeo Boiler Cost?

The Tepeo ZEB cost is £6,000, and installation tends to be around £2,000. Despite this, installation costs can vary depending on your home and heating system requirements.

Install a Tepeo ZEB with BJC Electrical & Solar

BJC Electrical & Solar installs the Tepeo ZEB across Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. If you’re ready to revolutionise the way you heat your home, get in touch.