What is GivEnergy and How Does it Work? 


When making a significant investment in essential electrical works, it is vital to have reassurance that the quality, values, and ethos of the company you are working with match your own stringent selection criteria. It is for this reason that BJC Electrical & Solar only invests in systems and equipment suppliers, and accreditation schemes that have proven expertise and excellence in areas that responds to its own sustainability values. 

This particular blog will focus on GivEnergy, what it is, what is expected to become a GivEnergy approved installer, and how this benefits you, the customer. 

What is GivEnergy, and Why Did B Electrical & Solar Choose to Become One of Givenergy Approved Installers? 

GivEnergy is an end-to-end energy management ecosystem. What this means is that a home or business can be powered cheaply and sustainably by a fully integrated energy system. 

Homeowners can run their properties on battery power, using off peak grid rates or a renewable energy source and switching to battery power when energy costs are high. This gives households up to 85 per cent savings on their energy bills, as well as cutting Co2 emissions. 

The same applies to commercial businesses, too, with the additional benefit of meeting increasingly important social responsibility requirements around protecting the environment. It can also help the bottom line, as businesses are encouraged to sell battery stored energy to the National Grid during times of distress. 

How Beneficial is GivEnergy to the End Customer? 

With 5000 installations a month, representing a monthly investment of up to £35 million by homes and businesses up and down the country, GivEnergy is truly a proven solution for achieving ultimate energy efficiency. Below are some of the many benefits that are highlighted on the GivEnergy website. As a GivEnergy approved installer, BJC Electrical & Solar stands by every single one of these claims: 

  • Homes and businesses can potentially save up to 85 per cent savings on their annual energy bills.  
  • All products have 12-year warranties. 
  • On average, a home can reduce its carbon emissions by more than 300kg per year. 
  • GivEnergy has a UK based support team that is on the end of the phone in the event of any problems. 
  • GivEnergy products are compatible with all existing solar PV systems, so it you are looking for an upgrade on an existing system there are no issues. 
  • Installations are fast and efficient – the average home will often take no more than a day. 
  • The entire system is monitored through a user-friendly app. 
  • There is absolutely no maintenance required. 
  • Your home or business will be protected in the event of any power outages. 
  • Appliances are protected with a built-in voltage regulator. 
  • Premium performance is assured with advanced prismatic technology.

Why BJC Electrical & Solar decided to become one of GivEnergy installers in the UK? 

For BJC Electrical & Solar, finding the right calibre of partner to work with and represent out in the field is key to the company’s overall growth plans and commitment to its customer base around Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.  

From our point of view, the post installation support that GivEnergy gives is essential peace of mind not just to us as a company, but to our customers as well. The 12-year warranty, investment in services and support, and continual product innovation to ensure installations are also at the forefront of sustainable technology are all important criteria that we seek out. 

What GivEnergy Approved Installer Criteria did BJC Electrical & Solar have to Meet? 

By the same token, GivEnergy does not just allow any old installer to work with its system. BJC Electrical & Solar also had to meet the company’s own eligibility criteria. At the very bare minimum, we had to demonstrate that we held a number of certifications to prove that our work meets the highest industry standards and protects our customers.  

Our list includes NICEIC approved contractor scheme, and the RECC Renewable Energy Consumer Code. 

Once you have been accepted as a GivEnergy approved installer, you are given full training and are kept fully up to date on all product update and innovations. The collaboration is truly a partnership that collectively works towards reducing carbon emissions and helping homes and business become more sustainable, run more cost efficiently, and put more control back into the hands of the consumer – a welcome concept in a world where energy prices and supply are becoming increasingly volatile.  

GivEnergy Installers Near Me 

If you are currently searching ‘GivEnergy installers near me’, and are located near Peterborough around Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire, then you will come across BJC Electrical & Solar. Our team consists of fully qualified professionals who are all passionate about helping our customers become more sustainable in their energy ambitions and will advise on the best installation according to individual needs. 

For more information, contact us on 01778 243180 or tell us a little more about your electrical installation requirements through our online form here.